The amount of information a building contains is growing but it is still scattered across many places, systems and people. There is a need for a clear overview of the building and its information that is accessible to everyone. This is the Vyer platform. This is where real-time data from inside your building is visualized right on top of the indoor maps, and where people from different disciplines collaborate and add information.

Find information fast

Search your building just like you search the Web. Make building management and maintenance more time and cost efficient by having all building information organized in a digital version of your building, accessible from your mobile device as well as your desktop.

Make informed decisions

By having a visual representation of your building and the information it contains, you can stay up-to-date in real time and make data-driven decisions.

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Communicate and interact with people from all disciplines by having one place, the digital building, where everyone can contribute, post updates and find the information they need. Since Vyer is web based, sharing places and information is as simple as sharing a link.

Information always at hand

Be able to update and access the information about your building quickly and without restrictions. With Vyers mobile web application, you can access your information whenever and wherever you need to.


We bring the software and routines you are already using together in one place and visualize the data that is already in your building. This way you can prepare your buildings and your organization for the future, while continuing your current workflows without high initial investment.

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