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Building information maps

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What is a building information map?

A building information map is a 3D floor plan which contains static building information. These indoor maps are explicitly made for each building and store all location specific information. With the latest software, used in the architecture and construction industry, it takes less than three days to create an indoor map for your building.

How to use indoor maps for maintenance?

The building information maps form the foundation for space management and building maintenance. 
- Upload the building information map to the Vyer platform
- Add and extract building information and autogenerate building statistics
- Start collaborating on the web-based platform!

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The new standard

Building information maps are the key element for efficient processes and are taking over the building industries. 

- Technological shift, BIM is already the industry standard for design and construction
- Legislative shift, countries are mandating by law that BIM is used for design and construction. See the world map.

Now management and maintenance can also benefit from building information maps enhanced with tools specifically made for the industry with the use of the Vyer platform!

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Vyer Technologies is making the interior maps of buildings searchable, collaborative, and enriched with data from external and internal systems. The result is more efficient use of time and resources, and provides a more joyful experience working in and maintaining buildings.

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