Building information is scattered across many places, systems and people, making it difficult to manage and maintain your facilities.”

We offer a solution: the Vyer platform

Search your buildings like you search the Web

You can search for the location of every asset but also for room temperatures, tenant information, planned inspections, maintenance history, equipment information, square meters and everything else in your portfolio.

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Integrate all aspects of your organisation seamlessly

Integrate property -, space – and asset management to create one set of data for an efficient workflow where you always have access to the latest information.
The information that the asset manager adds is filtered and directly available to the space- and portfolio manager, creating one integrated system.

Access your building information when you need it

Regardless if you are on site, if you are in a meeting with a client or sitting behind your desk, all building information is always available. The information is linked to specific objects in your buildings and can be easily searched and filtered.

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Future proof your organisation, take advantage of technological development

The time of paper driven decision making is over. Most information about assets is still stored in inaccessible archives and excel sheets, making it difficult to make informed decisions. Now there is a solution that is easy to use and sustainable.