Digital Strategy

At VYER we formulate our digital strategies as a culmination of short-term marketing goals, medium-term business strategies and long-term brand direction. We approach this as an agile four-step process (Audit, Develop, Adapt and Evolve).


VYER works with your internal digital team to conduct a comprehensive digital marketing, data analytics and technology audit. During this phase, VYER examines your organisation’s digital marketing capabilities and compares these against your business goals.


Using findings from the audit phase, VYER works with you to understand the results and then develops a customised digital strategy which is designed to help you achieve your business goals.


VYER recognise that one of the keys to digital marketing success lies in the ability to adapt your digital strategy through dynamic improvements and refinements. It is important to remember that some recommendations in our digital strategy may exceed expectations, others, however, may not work as well as planned. Therefore VYER will dynamically adjust the approach and will take into consideration any outcomes achieved from implementing the digital strategy.


VYER utilise our comprehensive knowledge of the digital landscape and the availability of new marketing technology to evolve your digital strategy continually. We ensure your digital marketing campaigns are on the right platforms to meet your business objectives.

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