Data Science

VYER use data science to collect, analyse and provide actionable insights with your business analytics and data.


VYER believe collecting data is essential for any business in the age of data-driven technology. Although many brands collect data, the majority of these organisations haven’t determined if the systems they utilise are right for their business needs. That’s where the team at VYER can help. We are experts at implementing a custom data analytics plan for your business. We can also assist in cleaning, de-duping and optimising your current data set or data collection solution.


VYER understand the high performing organisations are those who ask the important questions. To drive value brands have to look to methods that increase marketing ROI or reduce business overheads.
When VYER analyse business data we ask the right questions. Although sometimes we don’t know the intricacy of a specific industry (we can’t all be domain experts), however through exploration we will discover the key drivers of your business.
Finally using a mix of programming (Python is our program of choice), mathematics, statistics, algorithms and business intelligence we can discover actionable insights from your data.

Provide actionable insights

VYER will help deliver these actionable insights in a way (such as stories) that helps paint a clear picture for decision-makers. We use business intelligence technology such as Tableau, Python and Data studio.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more, or just have a question, the team at VYER are always here to help!

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