Your building on the Vyer platform

0.5 SEK / m2 / year

Make your BIM model collaborative and always available! Our pricing-model is based on the size of your building and the features that you need, no matter the size of you organization and amount of users. This is because we believe that collaborative and searchable indoor maps should be available to all the users of the building.  

Conversion of existing floorplans to BIM

5 SEK / m2

Get a BIM model for your own building in a matter of days! We can convert any existing floor plans into BIM-models (read more about BIM here). We have developed a process for converting existing drawings in all formats (dwg, pdf, and images) into a modern architectural BIM-model specifically made for Facility Management. It takes on average three days to create a 3D model. The result will be your own Revit file for your building.