Search, filter, find

Imagine that you can search for everything in your building: rooms, equipment, documents, photos, contact information, lease contracts, m2, maintenance histories and much more. On The Vyer platform you have everything organized in a digital twin of your building and easily searchable, just like searching the web. 

Connect and be connected

The Vyer platform makes it easy to turn the digital twin of your building into a fully connected data hub. Connect real-time sensor data to rooms and equipment, connect photos and text to issues and connect data that lives on other platforms through APIs. Connect the right information with the right people.


Having a fully connected building has many benefits, and to fully realize the potential of what a connected building can offer, understanding the data is essential.
The Vyer platform visualizes all the available data in a list view, a floor plan or in a 3D mode. The data is put in a context where it is understandable and comprehensible.

Vyer hero


Increase the productivity of facility maintainers, tenants, coordinators and managers by making your digital building available to as many people as possible, no matter if they sit at a desk or are working on their feet.
The Vyer platform is built just as much for use on mobile devices as for the desktop. Simply open a link in a web browser. There’s no need to install an app.