Find the answers to the questions you might have regarding digitizing your buildings. With today’s technology it is really easy to get started and this is the chance to make maintenance and management more effective and tenants happier.

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BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a process for generating and managing digital representation of buildings, and there are various industry standard file formats. New buildings are all built using BIM these days, but it is also possible to construct simple BIM-files for existing buildings.

The benefits of basing an indoor maps service on BIM-standards are accuracy, availability of metadata about objects, extensibility, and being able to leverage an existing rich landscape of industry-standard software products and services.

If there is an API available with sensor data, we will build an integration with the API and make the data accessible through our platform. It does not actually have to be sensor data, but could be anything from room booking information to external documents.

Having different levels of access to the building’s information is something we have built into our platform from the start. We make it easy to configure different views for different groups of people to interact with the building, and even to tailor a custom view for public access.

Thinking long-term about access and security of data is something we fully want to support and encourage in our customers. To ensure that data is available to your organization in the future and in different eventualities, we support various export functionalities of the data created and generated on our platform.

A BIM-based construction process commonly results in multiple BIM-files for the different functional layers of a building, such as the electrical and architectural drawings. We support simultaneous display and navigation of these models.

By virtue of being a so-called web-app, there is nothing for the user to download from an app-store. Links to objects and locations are simply opened in your web-browser. We provide a user experience on mobile devices that just like a native app. A benefit of this is that it is easy to share locations and objects and know that recipients will be able see what you are seeing without any effort on their part.

We are currently working on designing the components that will make embedding indoor maps a breeze. If you have a product in which you would be interested in integrating indoor maps or other data from our platform, we would love to get in contact.