What is Google Adwords

What is Google Adwords?

Google AdWords is advertising that appears in the search engine, and on its partners throughout the Google Display Network (GDN). Search network The Google Search Network is designed to display text ads directly to potential customers when they are actively searching for a product or service. For example, below we’re [...]

How to brand your business

How to Brand your Business

Determining how to brand your business is trickier than you think. There are a whole number of details you should consider before you push that green light. Should I buy a .com in aftermarket? Should I be creative with my name? Are keywords important? We have seen time and time again where [...]

A Guide to Cross Domain Tracking

Cross Domain Tracking

Cross Domain Tracking in Google Analytics is the process of connecting two different Domains (e.g. and for the purpose of reporting. The main reason we would want to join together two domains together is so that you can pass a user from one site to another without counting them [...]